The longest continuosly operating organization serving Latinos in the US since 1919

The Cabot-GCI-AV Dental Program

The Cabot-GCI-AV dental program started in Auguest of 2007, and is sponsored by the REACH Health Care Foundation. Partnerships were as follows; the dental work is done by Cabot Clinic, the students participating are from the Alta Vista High School., and the Program coordinator is Leonora Solis, from Guadalupe Centers, Inc. Dr. Orlando Silva, Director of Dental Services, and Cabot Westside Health Center, did a survey of students of Alta Vista in 2007. The results of the survey were so alarming that the group from Cabot and Guadalupe knew something had to be done.

The students are low income minority, with significant numbers of women and children, with chronic diseases. More than 65% are uninsured, and 25% receive Medicaid/MC+coverage, and only 10 % have private insurance. A majority of students come from immigrant families whose parents speak predominantly Spanish.

The parents have long work hours; many have two jobs, earning wages slightly above the minimum age with little or not benefits. Most of the students, (85%) are from families with incomes at or below the federal poverty level. Parents cannot afford to take the time from work for dental visits and cannot pay for dental care.


Application Process:

  • Alta Vista Students that have no dental insurance or underinsured.
  • Must fill out an application signed by parents with authorization release for Leonor Solis, Coordinator
  • Application handed to Program Coordinator
  • Applications are handed to Cabot
  • Appointment Setter sets up the appointments
Dental Appointment Process:
  • Coordinator provides the appointment information to school liaison
  • Day of appointment Coordinator provides transportation for the student from the school to the clinic and the clinic to the school.
  • Coordinator as Case Manager follows up on student’s status and works with the students if and when needed.
The Following Dental Services provided (except braces)
  • Gingivitis 30 minute treatment procedure.
  • Sealants 60-120 minutes treatment.
  • Dental Decay, 30to 60 minute procedure.
  • Defective dental fillings, 30-60 minute procedure.
  • Extractions, 30 to 60 minute procedure.
  • Root canal and crowns, 3-4 visits 1t 60 minutes per visit.